• Presentation

    To support the scientific research carried out either in or outside the Institute of Catalysis and Petroleum Chemistry (ICP) by means of Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) and Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM). Research outside ICP includes the one carried out in other OPIs (Public Research Institutions), Universities and Companies.
    Equipment and accessories
    A high-resolution ‘Agilent 5500 Scanning Probe Microscope’ is offered. It is  isolated from external vibrations. It allows acquiring / registering images in contact or acoustic mode (AFM or ACAFM) for non conducting surfacesand scanning tunneling techniques for conducting samples.
    It is a quite versatile instrument, as it has the accessories to carry out measurements under different conditions:
    ·         Surfaces exposed to air or immersed in a liquid solution
    ·         Under temperature   control (aprox. range:  -10 oCup to 200oC)
    ·         Undercontrolledatmosphere
    ·         AFM / STM combined with electrochemical studies
    Furthermore, the software “PicoImage”, which allows advanced treatment of images and is compatible with the acquisition software “PicoView”, is also available.
    Staff in charge
    Dr. MariselaVélezTirado (Scientific responsible)
    Dr. Manuel Sánchez Sánchez (Technician).
  • Service

    Service Guidelines
    Before applied for any AFM-STM service offered in ICP, it is stronglyrecommendedto read carefully the Service Guideline (Guía de servicio_AFM-STM.pdf, only available in Spanish). Its reading is mandatory if the service isdemandedfor the first time or if the user is not familiarized with the technique and/or the instrument.
    Likewise, before processing any application, we recommend to contact the staff members in charge, either the scientific advisor or thetechnician (MariselaVélez: marisela.velez@icp.csic.es, Tel. 915854802; and Manuel Sánchez: manuel.sanchez@icp.csic.es, Tel. 915854795, respectively).
    Users (either internal or external) are not allowed to handle the AFM-STM equipment. The technician or otherwise the scientific advisor are required to be y present during all the measurement process. 

    Once the applicant has read the Service Guidelines carefully andcontactedthe staff in charge of this service, it is necessary to download the application form (Solicitud_AFM-STM.doc, only available in Spanish). It must be filled in and sent to the email address (manuel.sanchez@icp.csic.es). Later, the technician will contact the applicant / user in order to set a date and time for the experiments.

    Kind of measurements
    The offered experimental measurements can be classified as follows:

    1. Conventional: AFM and/or STM measurements of liquid or solid samples, with no control of temperature or atmosphere.
    2. Advanced. They include all kind of measurements requiring the use of controlled atmosphere, temperature and/or electrochemical cells.

    Image treatment is also offered as additional service, as well as support for interpretation of results.
    A conventional laboratory of sample preparation is also available. It is equipped with anultrasonic equipment, micropipettes,frequently used solvents (ethanol, acetone, etc.) and differentsupports: f hydrophobic (graphite), hydrophilic (mica) and conducting(graphite and gold).
  • Fares

    Current fares (year 2013) of AFM-STM service
    User Institution Prices (€)
    Samplepreparation Onehour Full day(7 h)
    ICP 5 10 50
    Campus UAM-CSIC 10 20 100
    Other CSIC Institutes 15 30 150
    Universities and other OPIs 15 30 150
    Companies or Private Organizations 50 100 500

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