Self-Powered Wireless Carbohydrate/Oxygen Sensitive Biodevice Based on Radio Signal Transmission

Magnus Falk , Miguel Alcalde Galeote, Philip Bartlett , Antonio López de Lacey, Lo Gorton , María Cristina Gutiérrez Sánchez, Raoudha Haddad , Dónal Leech , Roland Ludwig , Edmond Magner , Marcos Pita Martínez, Tautgirdas Ruzgas , Wolfgang Schuhmann , Leonard Stoica , Miguel D Toscano , Sergey Shleev
Here for the first time, we detail self-contained (wireless and self-p...

Screening beta-fructofuranosidases mutant libraries to enhance the transglycosylation rates of beta(2-6) fructooligosaccharides

Miguel A. de Abreu , Miguel Alvaro-Benito , Francisco José Plou Gasca, Maria Fernandez-Lobato , Miguel Alcalde Galeote
Combinatorial Chemistry & High Throughput Screening
β-Fructofuranosidases can divert their hydrolytic activity toward...

Immobilized Biocatalysts: Novel Approaches and Tools for Binding Enzymes to Supports

Pamela Torres Salas, Alberto del Monte Martinez , Bessy Cutiño-Avila , Rodriguez-Colinas B., Miguel Alcalde Galeote, Antonio Ballesteros Olmo, Francisco José Plou Gasca
Advanced Materials
In the last decade, new trends for enzyme attachment to solid carriers...

Laboratory evolution of high-redox potential laccases

Diana Maté Mate, C. Garcia-Burgos , Eva García Ruiz, Antonio Ballesteros Olmo, Susana Camarero , Miguel Alcalde Galeote
Chemistry & Biology
Thermostable laccases with a high-redox potential have been engineered...

Evolving thermostability in mutant libraries of ligninolytic oxidoreductases expressed in yeast

Eva García Ruiz, Diana Maté Mate, Antonio Ballesteros Olmo, A.T. Martinez , Miguel Alcalde Galeote
Trends in Biotechnology
  Background In the picture of a laboratory evolution exp...
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