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    Born in Barcelona – My parents are originally from Segovia, where we are a small family, including an elder sister and a crazy dog.
    I speak Spanish, Catalan and English, while attempting to learn German.
    The majority of my hobbies are related to outdoors, however, I am most excited when I travel and experience new cultures and ways of life.
    As for the business aspect of my life, the main motivation that pushed me into Biotechnology, was the cloning “Dolly the Sheep”. I completed my degree at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (2009).  I also have an Innovation Management Postgraduate degree, Environmental Management Master degree and Applied Chemistry Master. 
    Relating to my professional career, I have been honored to work/intern with major organizations, such as;
    - Dr. Echevarne (Barcelona)
    - Danone (Barcelona)
    - AGES (Vienna)
    - Agilent Technologies (Madrid)
    - Repsol (Madrid)
    Currently,  the Instituto de Catálisis y Petroleoquímica (ICP-CSIC), is where I call home. I work within the National Project for the Study of Catalytic Properties of Molecular Architectures, based on hydrogenase enzymes in nanobioelectronics processes for hydrogen technology, in Bioelectrocatalisis group. So in simple terms; I am working with Green Energy, hoping to save the planet!
    For any inquiries, I recommend you consult one of my colleagues – however, I wouldn’t believe anything they say.  :P
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    Cristina Tapia García
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