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    Quality Manager
    Chemical Engineering, Isabel Pacheco Pérez
    Degree in Chemical Engineering at Salamanca University (2005). After an internship into the chemical companies ENUSA ADVANCED INDUSTRIES, S.A. and RECTICEL IBÉRICA S.L., since 2006 her career in quality management has been developed at the Institute of Catalysis and Petroleum Chemistry (ICP) of the CSIC. As Quality Manager, Laboratory of Thermal Analysis (2008), Technical Research Support Services (2009) and Photoelectron Spectroscopy Service (2014) of ICP have obtained the ISO 9001 certificate from AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification).

    Since January 2010, she is the Technical Manager of the Quality Management Unit of ICP, deploying policies on quality management.

    She works directly with the Quality Unit of CSIC, participating in the organization and conducting audits at the laboratories and Institutes of CSIC, workshops, seminars, project financing, etc.

    She has contributed to the preparation of the chapter "Calidad en el Laboratorio" (Quality in the Laboratory) in the book "Técnicas de Análisis y Caracterización de Materiales" (2011) (Analysis and Characterization Techniques of Materials), published by the CSIC, ISBN 978-84-00-09387-7.
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    Isabel Pacheco Pérez
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