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    Bachelor in Science (B.S.): Biology (biochemistry) Autonomus Universtity of Madrid .  1982
    Doctor of Philosophy  (Ph.D): Biophysics. University of Michigan (USA)  1989

    Research Experience:
    1990-1992  Post-doctoral fellow  
                       Physical-Chemistry Institute“Rocasolano”
    1992-1997  Assistant Professor  
                       Physics Department  (UAM)
    1997-2000  Research assistant  
                       Catalysis and Oil-chemistry Institute
    2000-2001  Research assistant  
                        Physical-Chemistry Institute “Rocasolano”
    2001-2008  Researcher /assistant professor  
                        Physics Department UAM
    2008-          Research scientist  
                       Catalysis and Oil-chemistry Institute(C.S.I.C.,Madrid)

    Research interests:
        1)   Biological processes  on surfaces.
           We have been working for the last years on protein complexes relevant for bacterial cell division. We reconstitute in vitro the initial stages of the formation of the septal complex to understand the process and force generation mechanisms. We address questions regarding the structure and function of the macromolecular aggregate formed using a battery of biophysical techniques, mostly  AFM, QCM, fluorescence microscopy.
            We combine the single molecule description of the structure and dynamic behavior of the polymers of bacterial protein FtsZ on different surfaces with theoretical analysis to understand at the molecular level the force generating mechanism of this self-assembling protein.
         We also collaborate closely with the bioelectrocatalysis group to nanostructure and characterize gold electrodes with lipidic membranes to incorporate active membrane redox proteins. 
          2) Bioinspired hybrid nanomaterials    
           More recently, we have extended our interest to include the development of new hybrid materials, mainly with two purposes:
          a)use of FtsZ as a self-organizing material to guide the reversible assembly of inorganic materials such as plasmonic nanoparticle
           b)development of biopolymers containing magnetic nanoparticles to use as smart contrast agents
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    Marisela Vélez Tirado
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