Research, both basic and applied, is carried out at the ICP within quite varied fields and kinds of catalysis, especially of heterogeneous and enzymatic types; it is worth remarking the synergy that exists between these two latter specialties as one of the singular features of ICP. As indicated in its current Action Plan, the R&D of the ICP is centred in three wide thematic lines addressing fundamental needs of society and industry, which are complemented by a set of diverse horizontal actions; all of them are developed in specific sub-lines where the different projects and contracts are implemented.

  • Energy

    Produccióny transformación de recursos energéticos

    Sublíneas de investigación
  • Environment Protection

    Elimination of pollutants and desinfection

    Sublíneas de investigación
  • Selective Synthesis

    Highly selective chemical processes and green chemistry

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  • Horizontal topics

    Horizontal activities

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