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    The Molecular Sieves Group, directed by Prof. Joaquin Perez-Pariente, is constituted by 5 established researchers, two technician, two postdoctoral researchers, two students working on industrial projects and six PhD students. The Group has more than 20 years of experience in synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity of zeolites. In addition, the Group has an experience of over 10 years of research into the synthesis and characterization of ordered mesoporous materials, as well as their application to catalytic processes. The group consists of researchers specialized in various techniques of characterization of solids, such as electron microscopy analysis, transmission diffraction techniques (X-ray and electron), infrared spectroscopy and thermal analysis. Finally, the Group has wide experience in the catalytic application of these materials in different reactions and processes such as isomerization, esterification, alkylation, oxydation, MTO, etc.
    group webpage: http://www.icp.csic.es/gtm/index.htm
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    Research lines


      Environment Protection

      Selective Synthesis

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