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    The Engineering and Process Control Group has devoted its activity since 1989 to the development of technologies dedicated to improve design, construction and operation mode of laboratory-scale reactors and micro-scale pilot plants, and their data acquisition, supervisory and control systems. In 2003 this Group founded a spin-off company, Process Integral Development Eng&tech (PID Eng&Tech - www.pidengtech.com), that was awarded with the first prize "II Contest of Ideas for Spin-off companies of Researchers" in 2004. The Group patented the developed technologies, and the CSIC (proprietor of these patents) granted PID Eng&Tech, under a Patent License Agreement, to fabricate, sell and export these products. The number of countries in which PID Eng&Tech sales its equipments has grown steadily to a point that it is now present in 4 continents and more than 30 countries. The main patents granted are:
    • "Modular integrated elements for processes control": ES2032182
    • "Automated reactor for catalytic microactivity studies": ES2245238 - PCT/ES2005/070079 - WO2006/008328 - EP1757930 - US2008/063565
    • "Servopositioner for microregulation valve: ES2245239 - PCT/ES2005/070080 - WO2006/021603 - EP1775504 - US2007/241296
    • "Capacitive level sensor for reduced volume systems": ES2249139 - PCT/ES2005/070081 - WO2006/021604 - EP1757911 - US7,895,891
    • "Capacitive sensor device": P200930603 - PCT/ES2010/070559 - WO2011/020939

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