Although the ICP is not by itself an academic institution, it undertakes educational actions not only with the realization of PhD theses and end-of-career projects, many of them in connection with the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid with which it shares the UAM-CSIC Campus of Excellence, but also by means of master and specialization courses addressed to graduates or to laboratory or industry technicians. The diffusion and coordination of these actions is carried out jointly with CSIC?s Department of Postgraduate Studies and Specialization.
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    Design of small pore SAPO catalysts for the Methanol to Olefins (MTO) process
    I. Pinilla-Herrero
    Fecha de lectura:04 de March de 2016
    Directores:Enrique Sastre, Carlos Márquez Álvarez
    In this Thesis, SAPO materials structurally close to SAPO-34 have been
    synthesized, characterized and tested as catalysts in the MTO process. Specifically,
    SAPO-35, SAPO-56, STA-7 and SAPO-42 (with framework types LEV, AFX, SAV
    and LTA respectively) have been selected. The objective is to study the differences in
    the catalytic behavior depending on the topological features, and to optimize the
    physicochemical properties of the zeolitic materials by synthesis modifications in
    order to obtain improved catalysts for the process.
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