Although the ICP is not by itself an academic institution, it undertakes educational actions not only with the realization of PhD theses and end-of-career projects, many of them in connection with the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid with which it shares the UAM-CSIC Campus of Excellence, but also by means of master and specialization courses addressed to graduates or to laboratory or industry technicians. The diffusion and coordination of these actions is carried out jointly with CSIC?s Department of Postgraduate Studies and Specialization.
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    • Máster Universitario en Química Aplicada
      0 horas30/09/2013[+ information]
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    Optimización de Biocatalizadores: Diseño de Estrategias para la Modulación del Propiedades de Enzimas por Técnicas Físico-Químicas./ OTIMIZAÇÃO DE BIOCATALISADORES: DESENVOLVIMENTO DE ESTRATÉGIAS PARA MODULAÇÃO DE PROPRIEDADES DE ENZIMAS POR TÉCNICAS FÍSICAS E QUÍMICAS
    José Cleiton Sousa dos Santos
    Fecha de lectura:27 de February de 2015
    Directores:Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente
    Cotutela UAM/ Universidad Federal de Ceara. Codirigida con la Dr Luciana Rocha Barros Goncalves
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