The purpose of this Unit is to promote, disseminate and implement the "quality culture" at the Institute of Catalysis and Petroleumchemistry following general objectives expressed by the Director on the Quality Policy and the guidelines established in the Quality Management Plan of CSIC. This commitment to quality has helped the Institute of Catalysis is recognized by its clients as a reference center that meets the current needs of the scientific community and society in general
The effort of this Unit focuses on the implementation of systems and tools of quality management on general services and laboratories of the Institute, so as to ensure maximum reliability of the procedures and results of the analysis.
Through participation in the Infrastructure and Quality Management Program of Madrid region and CSIC (Programa de Infraestructura y Gestión de la Calidad -  Contrato Programa del CSIC y la Comunidad de Madrid), many laboratories of this Institute have implemented and maintain a Quality Management System which fulfill the requirements of the standard UNE-EN ISO 9001; AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardization and Certification) has given this certification to this laboratories:
Isabel Pacheco picture

Pacheco Pérez, Isabel

Group leader
Degree in Chemical Engineering at Salamanca University, she is the Technical Manager of the Quality Management Unit of ICP, deploying policies on quality management.
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