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The protagonism of biocatalysis in green chemistry and its environmental benefits

Autores:Roberto Fernandez-Lafuente
Grupos de investigación:Optimización de biocatalizadores y bioprocesos enzimáticos
Viridiana Santana Ferreira-Leitãoa,b*, Magali Christe Cammarotac, Erika Cristina Gonçalves Aguieirasa, Lívian Ribeiro Vasconcelos de Sáa,b, Roberto Fernandez-Lafuented,* and Denise Maria Guimarães Freirea
The establishment of a bioeconomy era requires not only a change of production pattern, but also a deep modernization of production processes through the implementation of novel methodologies in current industrial units, where waste materials and byproducts can be utilized as starting materials in the production of commodities such as biofuels and other high added value chemicals. The utilization of renewable raw resources and residues from the agro-industries, and their exploitation through various uses and applications through technologies, particularly solid-state fermentation (SSF), are the main focus of this review. The advocacy for biocatalysis in green chemistry and the environmental benefits of bioproduction are very clear, although this kind of industrial process is still an exception and not the rule. Potential and industrial products, such as biocatalysts, animal feed, fermentation medium, biofuels (biodiesel, lignocelulose ethanol, CH4, and H2), pharmaceuticals and chemicals are dealt with in this paper. The focus is the utilization of renewable resources and the important role of enzymatic process to support a sustainable green chemical industry.
Palabras clave:Biocatalysts, green chemistry, fuels, energy, chemicals
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