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RevistaMicroporous and Mesoporous Materials

Influence of the alkyl chain length of HSO3-R-MCM-41

Autores:Isabel Díaz Carretero, Federico Mohíno , Teresa Blasco Lanzuela, Enrique Sastre, J. Perez-Pariente
Grupos de investigación:Tamices Moleculares

Ordered mesoporous materials functionalized with alkyl sulfonic acid groups have been proved to be efficient catalysts for esterification. In this paper we report on the synthesis and characterization of new materials containing simultaneously alkyl groups (vinyl, chloromethyl), that have been sulfonated in a post-synthesis step, and methyl groups. Different techniques have been used to characterize the obtained materials: XRD, TEM, elemental analysis, nitrogen adsorption, TGA, 29Si and 13C MAS NMR. Finally, the influence of the different synthesis parameters and functional groups on the behavior of the catalysts in the reaction of esterification of glycerol with lauric and oleic acids has been studied. The catalytic performance of the resulting HSO3-ethyl-MCM-41, HSO3-ethyl/methyl-MCM-41 and HSO3-methyl-MCM-41 new materials is also compared to those of HSO3-phenyl/methyl-MCM-41 and HSO3-propyl/methyl-MCM-41 synthesized previously. It has been demonstrated that an optimum balance among parameters such as nature of the organic group which support the sulfonic acid, distance between the sulfonic group and the silica surface, average pore size of the material, etc., allows to obtain catalysts with improved activity and selectivity for these reactions.

Palabras clave:MCM-41, Vinyl groups, Sulfonic acid, Fatty acids, Esterification
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