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RevistaCatalysis Today

Molecular sieves and catalysis. CIS-5 conference

Autores:Enrique Sastre, Carlos Márquez Álvarez
Grupos de investigación:Tamices Moleculares

This special issue of Catalysis Today contains a selected number of the contributions presented at the 5th Czech–Italian–Spanish (CIS-5) Conference on Molecular Sieves and Catalysis (CIS-5) held in Segovia, Spain, from 16 to 19 June, 2013. This has been the fifth edition of these workshops, taking place every two years since 2005, when the Italian Zeolite Association (Assoziazione Italiana Zeoliti, AIZ) organized the first edition in San Camigliatello, Italy.

CIS-5 has been organized by members of the Zeolites Group, a part of the Spanish Society of Catalysis, who are staff researchers of the Spanish Council for Scientific Research (CSIC) and the National Distance Education University (UNED). The meeting was held in cooperation with the UNED Partner Institution in Segovia, which has significantly contributed in the preparation of the event.

CIS-5 aimed to enhance communication among researchers and practitioners from the involved countries working in the areas of Material Science and Chemical Technology and Engineering.

The Conference constituted an up-date of the most recent advances regarding the synthesis, characterization and application of zeolitic materials, mesoporous metal oxides and carbons, as well as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), from both industrial and academic point of views.

More than 150 participants coming from 13 countries attended this 5th Conference, where 3 Plenary Lectures, 30 Oral Communications and 106 Posters were presented. A selected number of these 139 contributions were invited to submit a full manuscript in order to prepare this special issue of Catalysis Today. After a thorough review process, about 30 papers were finally accepted for publication.

The selected contributions included in this volume are mainly related to the porous catalytic systems useful in adsorption and in the synthesis of Fine Chemicals, both considered hot issues of special industrial relevance. Some of them are accompanied with theoretical studies, by using computational methods, concerning the reaction mechanisms and the adsorptive properties of the investigated materials.

We would like to express our gratitude especially to the referees for their thoughtful evaluation of papers as well as to the authors for their timely contributions.

Finally, we wish to thank Prof. James J. Spivey (Editor-in-Chief) and to the Elsevier Editorial Staff for their help in preparing this special issue.

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