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RevistaProcess Biochemistry,
Volumen 48 (8)

Oxidation of phenyl compounds using strongly stable immobilized-stabilized laccase from Trametes versicolor.

Grupos de investigación:Ingeniería Enzimática
The hydrolysis of phenolic compounds using an immobilized and highly active and stable derivative of laccase from Trametes versicolor is presented. The enzyme was immobilized on aldehyde supports. For this, the enzyme was enriched in amino groups by chemical modification of its carboxyl groups. The aminated enzyme was immobilized with a high recovered activity (over 60%). Aldehyde derivatives were more stable than soluble or aminated-soluble enzyme and the reference derivatives after incubation in different inactivating conditions (high temperatures, different pH values or presence of organic cosolvents). The most stable derivative was obtained immobilizing the chemically aminated enzyme at pH 10 on aldehyde supports with a stabilization factor approximately 280 fold after incubation at pH 7 and 55 C. In addition, it was possible to prepare immobilized derivatives with a maximal enzyme loading of 60 mg g-1 of support. This derivative could be reused for 10 reaction cycles with negligible lost of activity. 
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