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RevistaElectrochimica Acta

Enhanced direct electron transfer between laccase and hierarchical carbon microfibers/carbon nanotubes composite electrodes. Comparison of three enzyme immobilization methods

Autores:María Cristina Gutiérrez Sánchez, Wenzhi Jia , Beyl Yvonne , Marcos Pita Martínez, Wolfgang Schuhmann , Antonio López de Lacey, Leonard Stoica
Grupos de investigación:BioElectroCatalisis
Three immobilization protocols were investigated with respect to direct electron transfer between hierarchical
carbon microfibers/carbon nanotubes composite material on graphite rod electrodes and Trametes
hirsuta laccase. Immobilization was done by covalent binding of laccase to aminophenyl-modified electrodes
via amide-bond formation with carboxylic acid residues or imino-bond formation with aldehyde
groups introduced by oxidation of sugar residues of the enzyme’s glycosylation shell. Moreover, immobilization
was achieved by adsorbing laccase to electrodes hydrophilized with pyrene-hexanoic acid.
High current densities for biocatalytic oxygen reduction were obtained for all immobilization strategies.
The formation of the imino bonds let to the binding of laccase in close to 100% direct electron transfer
configuration and consequently to the highest oxygen reduction currents
Palabras clave:laccase, Carbon nanotubes, Biofuel cell Biocathode, Oxygen reduction reaction, Hierarchical carbon composite, Direct electron transfer
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