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Permeability of Human Tooth Surfaces Studied In Vitro by Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

Autores:Marcos Pita Martínez, Jan Halamek , Soujanya Chinnapareddy , Donald J. White , Vladimir Gartstein , Evgeny Katz
Grupos de investigación:BioElectroCatalisis

Electrochemical Faradaic impedance spectroscopy was applied to evaluate dependence of the electrical resistance

on human teeth. The experiments were performed using iodide anions as a redox probe to model permeability of

teeth for fluoride upon an iontophoresis process. Tooth molars were used – as these are teeth most affected by

tooth decay processes in vivo. Teeth compared included sound molars – with no evidence of pit and fissure decay,

teeth with pits and fissures regarded clinically as showing signs of decay, and teeth with crowns removed to present

exposed dentin surfaces. A difference of more than an order of magnitude in electrical resistance was observed between

sound molars and those regarded as showing evidence of tooth decay processes. Sound dentin, as expected

from structural considerations demonstrated significantly lower resistance when compared to sound molars. Importantly,

the difference in tooth resistance measured between carious and sound molars was shown to be much more

representative of their structural integrity than comparison of digitally processed images of the teeth. The results

support the utility of electrochemical Faradaic impedance spectroscopy for the development of understanding on

how tooth electrical resistance may vary according to structural changes. This understanding may be useful to continued

refinements in the use of electrical resistance measures as caries diagnostics and support generically the potential

for iontophoretic processes in in-office fluoride treatments of teeth.

Palabras clave:Human tooth, Permeability, Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, Surface quality
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