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RevistaApplied Catalysis A: General

Kinetic analysis of the Ru/SiO2-catalysed low temperature methane steam reforming.

Autores:Miguel Ángel Soria , Cecilia Mateos Pedrero, Pablo Marín , Salvador Ordoñez , Antonio Guerrero Ruiz, Inmaculada Rodríguez Ramos
Grupos de investigación:Diseño Molecular de Catálizadores Heterogéneos

The performance of a Ru/SiO2 catalyst for methane steam reforming at 450–550 °C is studied in the present. These conditions are suitable for coupling the fixed-bed reactor with a hydrogen-selective membrane for hydrogen recovery, with the subsequent equilibrium shift. A reaction mechanism based on the dissociative adsorption of steam and methane has been proposed (from a total of six possible mechanisms compared), in terms of the statistical analysis of reaction data obtained at different temperatures and contact times in an integral, lab-scale reactor.

The proposed model shows that hydrogen inhibition plays an important role in the reaction. Finally, the Ru/SiO2 catalyst prepared in this work is found to be one of the most active catalysts, among other Ru-based catalysts reported in the literature.

Palabras clave:Steam reforming, Hydrogen production, Kinetic mechanism, Model discrimination
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