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RevistaCatalysis Today
Volumen179 (1)

Zeolite-based materials for novel catalytic applications: Opportunities, perspectives and open problems

Autores:J. Cejka , G. Centi , J. Perez-Pariente, W.J. Roth
Grupos de investigación:Tamices Moleculares

Zeolites and related materials (including a wide range of microporous and mesoporous materials with ordered pore structure) have been one of the areas in the field of materials and catalysis with the largest impact on science, technology and industrial processes. We discuss here some recent developments in this field, with particular references how to tailor and design zeolite and related material properties to control/enhance the catalytic performances. Four main topics have been addressed. (i) The recent progress and perspectives in the field of tailored syntheses, with selected examples showing the trend and prospects to develop new structures, control the location of active sites, and the crystal size and morphology, including nanoarchitecture of the final catalysts. (ii) The development and prospects of two-dimensional zeolites presenting an extended view/concept of zeolite structures integrating the classical 3D frameworks and the various lamellar forms. (iii) The progresses in the design and synthesis of hierarchical zeolites, with discussion on the still existing challenges related to the synthesis, characterization and catalytic application. (iv) Novel opportunities and needs in terms of zeolite multifunctional design for catalytic applications, with a discussion of the critical issues related to the use in the field of fine chemicals, organic industrial syntheses and biorefinery, and the prospects for the use in two novel challenging areas of the direct conversion of CO2 to light olefins and methane to methanol.

Palabras clave:Molecular sieves; Zeolites; Hierarchical systems; Lamellar zeolites; Catalysis; Future trends
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