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RevistaMaterials Research Bulletin

Investigation of the Thermal Stability of Phosphotungstic Wells-Dawson Heteropoly Acid Through In Situ Raman Spectroscopy

Autores:Miguel A. Bañares
Grupos de investigación:Espectroscopía y Catálisis Industrial

The present investigation applies laser Raman spectroscopy under in situ conditions to obtain insights on the effect of the temperature on the molecular structure of the bulk phosphotungstic Wells-Dawson heteropoly-acid H6P2W18O62􏰲xH2O (HPA). The in situ temperature-programmed studies followed the evolution of phosphotungstic Wells-Dawson and Keggin heteropoly-acids along with tungsten trioxide under controlled atmosphere and temperature. The spectroscopic investigation of the Wells-Dawson HPA demonstrated that in situ Raman spectroscopy is a suitable technique to follow the effect of a gradual dehydration on the secondary structure of such a complex structure. Moreover, the absence of the signals belonging either to the Keggin or WO3 phases provides further evidence that the phosphotungstic heteropolyanion does not decomposes towards those materials at temperatures below 600 8C

Palabras clave:Raman Spectroscopy, Oxides, Inorganic compounds, Crystal structure
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