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RevistaPhys. Chem. Chem. Phys.

In situ Raman studies during sulfidation, and operando Raman-CG during ammoxidation reaction using nickel-containing catalysts: a valuable tool to identify the transformations of catalytic species

Autores:Miguel A. Bañares
Grupos de investigación:Espectroscopía y Catálisis Industrial

Ni-containing catalysts are investigated under reaction conditions for two different cases, during sulfidation, with Ni–Mo based catalysts, and during ammoxidation reaction, with the Ni–Nb catalysts. It is shown how Raman spectroscopy can follow some of the transformations of these catalysts upon different treatments. For the NiMo/Al2O3–SiO2 system it was possible to identify some of the sulfided Mo species formed during the sulfidation of the oxide precursors, while for the bulk Ni–Nb oxide catalysts the simultaneous reaction-Raman results strongly suggest that the incipient interaction between niobium and nickel oxides at low Nb/Ni atomic ratios is directly related to catalytic activity, and that a larger size well-defined NiNb2O6 mixed oxide phase is not active for this reaction. Moreover, the promotion by niobium doping appears to be limited to a moderate niobium loading. It was found that in situ and operando Raman are valuable techniques that allowed the identification of active Mo–S and Ni–Nb species under reaction conditions, and that are not stable under air atmospheres.

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