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EditorialNova Science Publishers

Vitamin E: Nutrition, Side Effects and Supplements

Autores:Francisco José Plou Gasca, Pamela Torres Salas, D. Reyes-Duarte , Antonio Ballesteros Olmo
Grupos de Investigación:Biocatálisis Aplicada
Vitamin E is a generic term that refers to a family of eight natural compounds, and is further divided into two subgroups called tocopherols and tocotrienols. Tocopherols are found in a wide variety of dietary fats, whereas tocotrienols are relatively rare and found naturally in high concentrations in only a few sources, such as palm and rice bran oil. This book discusses the beneficial effects that tocotrienol supplementation may provide in the prevention and treatment of human diseases. Also examined is the data relating to the association between Vitamin E and some childhood diseases; and the role of Vitamin E as a radioprotector. Understanding Vitamin E metabolism and its appropriate utilization in health maintenance and disease prevention is also explored as is Vitamin E in the context of HIV disease.
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