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Development of Siliceous Ordered Mesoporous Materials as Supports for Lipases

Isabel Díaz Carretero, Rosa María Blanco Martín
Current Chemical Biology
Recent reports show that ordered mesoporous materials (OMM) are effici...

Study of the structure directing effect of the chiral cation (1S,2S)-2-hydroxymethyl-1-benzyl-1-methylpyrrolidinium in aluminosilicate preparations in the presence of co-structure directing agents

Raquel García Salas, Luis Gómez-Hortiguela Sáinz, J. Perez-Pariente
Catalysis Today
We explore the structure directing role of the chiral cation (1S,2S)-2...

Zeolite Structure Direction by Simple Bis(methylimidazolium) Cations: The Effect of the Spacer Length on Structure Direction and of the Imidazolium Ring Orientation on the 19F NMR Resonances

Alex Rojas , Luis Gómez-Hortiguela Sáinz, Miguel A. Camblor
Journal of the American Chemical Society
A series of doubly charged structure-directing agents based on two met...

Towards the control of intercrystalline mesoporosity in inorganic microporous materials: the case of CoAPO-5

Alicia Manjón-Sanz , Manuel Sánchez Sánchez, Enrique Sastre
Catalysis Today
The generation of mesoporosity in microporous materials has been postu...

Zeolite-based materials for novel catalytic applications: Opportunities, perspectives and open problems

J. Cejka , G. Centi , J. Perez-Pariente, W.J. Roth
Catalysis Today
Zeolites and related materials (including a wide range of microporous ...
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