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Location of enzyme in Lipase-SBA-12 hybrid biocatalyst

Álvaro Mayoral , Rosa María Blanco Martín, Isabel Díaz Carretero
Journal of Molecular Catalysis B: Enzymatic
In the current manuscript we report a detailed characterization based ...

Atomic resolution analysis of porous solids: A detailed study of silver ion-exchanged zeolite A

Isabel Díaz Carretero, Álvaro Mayoral , Thomas Carey , Paul A. Anderson
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials
Currently, aberration corrected scanning transmission electron microsc...

Hybrid composites octyl-silica-methacrylate agglomerates as enzyme supports

Óscar Fernández , Rosa María Blanco Martín, Carlos F. Torres , Víctor Tejedor Chimeno, Isabel Díaz Carretero
Applied Catalysis A: General
The use of immobilized enzymes as catalysts may be limited by particle...

NMR and SAXS Analysis of Connectivity of Aluminum and Silicon Atoms in the Clear Sol Precursor of SSZ-13 Zeolite

Ana Belén Pinar Prieto, Raul F. Lobo
Chemistry of Materials
We report the first study of the hydrolysis of tetraethyl orthosilicat...

Mechanism and Energetics of Secondary Oxidation Reactions in the Aerobic Oxidation of Hydrocarbons Catalyzed by Mn-Doped Nanoporous Aluminophosphates

Luis Gómez-Hortiguela Sáinz, Furio Corà , C. Richard A. Catlow
Journal of Physical Chemistry C
Electronic structure calculations employing hybrid exchange DFT method...
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