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Microwave-assisted synthesis of plate-like SAPO-34 nanocrystals with increased catalyst lifetime in the methanol-to-olefins reaction

Teresa Álvaro Muñoz, Enrique Sastre, Carlos Márquez Álvarez
Catalysis Science & Technology
Nanocrystalline SAPO-34 catalysts were obtained using microwave-assist...

Rationally Designed Nitrogen-Rich Metal–Organic Cube Material: An Efficient CO2 Adsorbent and H2 Confiner

Guillermo Calleja , J. A. Botas , Manuel Sánchez Sánchez
Crystal Growth & Design
Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) have been postulated for years a...

Nanoscaled M-MOF-74 Materials Prepared at Room Temperature

Diaz-Garcia, Álvaro Mayoral , Isabel Díaz Carretero, Manuel Sánchez Sánchez
Crystal Growth & Design
This paper describes the preparation and characterization of nanoscale...

Un-assemblable layered aluminophosphates from self-assembling structure-directing agents: Effect of fluorine

Luis Gómez-Hortiguela Sáinz, Ana Sanz Matías, Teresa Álvaro Muñoz, J. Perez-Pariente
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials
A new strategy for the synthesis of three new un-assemblable metastabl...

Mesoporous Silicas with Tunable Morphology for the Immobilization of Laccase

Gascón, V., Isabel Díaz Carretero, Carlos Márquez Álvarez, Rosa María Blanco Martín
Siliceous ordered mesoporous materials (OMM) are gaining interest as s...
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