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Permanent magnetism in phosphine and chlorine capped gold: from clusters to nanoparticles

M.A. Muñoz-Márquez , E. Guerrero , A. Fernández , P. Crespo , A. Hernando , Raquel Lucena García, J. C. Conesa
Journal of Nanoparticle Research

Inverse CeO2/CuO Catalyst As an Alternative to Classical Direct Configurations for Preferential Oxidation of CO in Hydrogen-Rich Stream

Aitor Hornés Martínez, Ana B. Hungría , Parthasarathi Bera , Antonio López Cámara, Marcos Fernández García, Arturo Martínez Arias, Laura Barrio Pliego, M. Estrella , G. Zhou , J.J. Fonseca , John C Hanson , Jose A. Rodríguez
Journal of the American Chemical Society

Surface anion vacancies on ceria: quantum modelling of mutual interactions and oxygen adsorption

J. C. Conesa
Catalysis Today

Synthesis and Spectral Properties of Nanocrystalline V-substituted In2S3, a Novel Material for More Efficient Use of Solar Radiation

Raquel Lucena García, I. Aguilera , P. Palacios , P. Wahnón , J. C. Conesa
Chemistry of Materials
In2S3 heavily doped with vanadium, which has been proposed t...

Transition Metal Substituted Indium Thiospinels as Novel Intermediate Band Materials: Prediction and Understanding of their Electronic Properties

P. Palacios , I. Aguilera , K. Sánchez , J. C. Conesa, P. Wahnón
Physical Review Letters
Results of density-functional calculations for indium thiospinel semic...
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