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Sn modification of TiO2 Anatase and Rutile type Phases: 2-Propanol Photo-oxidation under UV and Visible Light

Mario J. Muñoz-Batista, María Belén Bachiller Baeza, Anna Elzbieta Kubacka , Marcos Fernández García
Appl. Catal. B: Env

Advanced Nano-arquitectures for Solar Photocatalysis

Gerardo Colón , Anna Elzbieta Kubacka , Marcos Fernández García
Chemical Reviews

Redox and catalytic properties of CuO/CeO2 under CO+O2+NO: promoting effect of NO on CO oxidation

Arturo Martínez Arias, Ana B. Hungría , Ana Iglesias Juez, Marcos Fernández García, James A. Anderson , J. C. Conesa, G. Munuera , Javier Soria Ruiz
Catalysis Today
A CuO/CeO2 catalyst has been studied with respect to its catalytic act...

Operando DRIFTS study of the redox and catalytic properties of CuO/Ce1-xTbxO2-δ (x = 0-0.5) catalysts: evidence of an induction step during CO oxidation

Arturo Martínez Arias, Ana B. Hungría , Marcos Fernández García, Ana Iglesias Juez, Javier Soria Ruiz, J. C. Conesa, James A. Anderson , Guillermo Munuera Contreras
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics

Nanoparticulate Pd supported catalysts: size dependent formation of Pd(I)/Pd(0) and their role in CO elimination

Ana Iglesias Juez, Anna Elzbieta Kubacka , Marcos Fernández García, Marco Di Michiel
Journal of the Americal Chemical Society
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