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Activation and Inactivation of Hydrogenase Function and the Catalytic Cycle: Spectroelectrochemical Studies

Antonio López de Lacey, Víctor Manuel Fernández López, Marc Rousset , Richard Cammack
Chemical Reviews

EPR and kinetic investigation of free cyanide oxidation by photocatalysis and ozonation

M.D. Hernández-Alonso , Juan Manuel Coronado , Javier Soria Ruiz, J. C. Conesa, V. Loddo , M. Addamo , V. Augugliaro
Research on Chemical Intermediates
Oxidation of free cyanide in aqueous suspensions of three commercial T...

The active site of the [FeFe]-hydrogenase from Desulfovibrio desulfuricans. II. Redox proporties, light sensitivity and CO-ligand exchange as observed by infrared spectroscopy"

Winfried Roseboom , Antonio López de Lacey, Víctor Manuel Fernández López, E. Claude Hatchikian , Simon P. J. Albracht
H2HHHDesulfovibrio desulfuricansinactoxoxox13oxinacttransEm, pH 7Htran...

Density functional study of the catalytic cycle of nickel-iron [NiFe] hydrogenases and the involvement of high-spin nickel(II)

Alejandro Pardo Honrubia, Antonio López de Lacey, Víctor Manuel Fernández López, Hua-Jun Fan , Yubo Fan , Michael B. Hall

Novel Polyphenol Oxidase Mined From A Metagenome Expresion Library Of Bovine Rumen: Biochemical Properties, Structural Analysis And Phylogenetic Relationships

Ana Beloqui , Marcos Pita Martínez, Julio Polaina , Arturo Martínez Arias, Olga V. Golyshina , Miren Zumarraga , Michail M. Yakimov , Humberto García-Arellano , Miguel Alcalde Galeote, Víctor Manuel Fernández López, Kieran Elborough , José M. Andreu , Antonio Ballesteros Olmo, Francisco José Plou Gasca, Kenneth N. Timmis , Manuel Ferrer Martínez, Peter N. Golyshin
Journal of Biological Chemistry
, a gene coding for a novel polyphenol oxidase, was identified through...

Direct heterogeneous electron transfer reactions of fungal laccases at bare and thiol-modified gold electrodes

Marcos Pita Martínez, Sergey Shleev , Tautgirdas Ruzgas , Víctor Manuel Fernández López, Alexander I. Yaropolov , Lo Gorton
Electrochemistry Communications
goldbasidiomycetes, Trametes ochraceaCerrena maximaoxygenT. ...
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