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Enzymatic synthesis of alpha-glucosides of resveratrol with surfactant activity

Pamela Torres Salas, Ana Poveda , Jesus Jimenez-Barbero , Jose Luis Parra , Francesc Comelles , Antonio Ballesteros Olmo, Francisco José Plou Gasca
Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis
We report the synthesis of a series of α-glucosyl derivatives of ...

Structural changes occurring at the surface of alumina-supported nanoscaled Mo-V-Nb-(Te)-O catalytic system during the selective oxidation of propane to acrylic acid

Ricardo López Medina, José Luis García Fierro, M. Olga Guerrero-Perez , Miguel A. Bañares
Applied Catalysis A: General
The effect of total coverage on alumina is evaluated for Mo5 V4 Nb1 /A...

Carbon nanostrutured materials as direct catalysts for phenol oxidation in aqueous phase

Maria Soria Sanchez , Angel Maroto Valiente , Jesús Álvarez Rodríguez , Vicenta Muñoz , Inmaculada Rodríguez Ramos, Antonio Guerrero Ruiz
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
The catalytic oxidation of phenol in aqueous phase (CWAO) over differe...

Aerobic oxidation of hydrocarbons catalyzed by Mn-doped nanoporous aluminophosphates (IV): regeneration mechanism

Luis Gómez-Hortiguela Sáinz, Furio Corà , C. Richard A. Catlow
ACS Catalysis
Electronic structure methods based on periodic DFT with hybrid-exchang...

Biomaterials from beer manufacture waste for bone growth scaffolds

Malcolm Yates Buxcey, María Angeles Martín Luengo
Green Chemistry Letters and Reviews

Alkanethiol Adsorption on Platinum: Chain Length Effects on the Quality of Self-Assembled Monolayers

Maria Alejandra Floridia Addato , Aldo A. Rubert , Guillermo A. Benitez , Mariano H. Fonticelli , Javier Carrasco Rodríguez, Pilar Carro , Roberto C. Salvarezza
Journal of Physical Chemistry C
The adsorption of butanethiol (BT), hexanethiol (HT), and dodecanethio...
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