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Enhanced direct electron transfer between laccase and hierarchical carbon microfibers/carbon nanotubes composite electrodes. Comparison of three enzyme immobilization methods

María Cristina Gutiérrez Sánchez, Wenzhi Jia , Beyl Yvonne , Marcos Pita Martínez, Wolfgang Schuhmann , Antonio López de Lacey, Leonard Stoica
Electrochimica Acta
Three immobilization protocols were investigated with respect to direc...

Influence of H2S on ZrO2-based gasification gas clean-up catalysts: MeOH temperature-programmed reaction study

Søren Birk Rasmussen , Miguel A. Bañares
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
Addition of H2S in the gasification gas stream has been found to impro...

Production of a α-L-Rhamnosidase from Aspergillus Terreus Using Citrus Solid Waste as Inducer for Application in Juice Industry

Rosa María Blanco Martín
Chemical Engineering Transactions
Naringinase is an enzyme complex consisting of a α-L-rhamnopyran...

Semisynthetic peptide-lipase conjugates for improved biotransformations

Chemical Communications,
An efficient chemoselective method for the creation of semisynthetic l...

Switchable Biofuel Cells Controlled by Biomolecular Computing Systems

Marcos Pita Martínez
International Journal of Unconventional Computing
Almost every existing device includes either a control or a self-regul...

Electron Localization in Defective Ceria Films: A Study with Scanning-Tunneling Microscopy and Density-Functional Theory

Jan-Frederik Jerratsch , Xiang Shao , Niklas Nilius , H.-J. Freund , Cristina Popa , María Verónica Ganduglia Pirovano, Asbjoern M. Burow , J. Sauer
Physical Review Letters
Scanning-tunneling microscopy and density-functional theory have been ...
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