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Hybrid TiO2/SiMgOX Composite for Combined Chemisorption and Photocatalytic Elimination of Gaseous H2S

Søren Birk Rasmussen , R. Portela, Silvia Suárez Gil, J.M. Coronado , Pedro Ávila García, Benigno Sánchez
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research
Cheap natural sepiolite clay and TiO2 in the anatase form can easily b...

Strong FtsZ is with the force: mechanisms to constrict bacteria

Jesus Mingorance , Marisela Vélez Tirado, Paulino Gomez-Puertas
Trends in Microbiology
FtsZ, the best-known prokaryotic division protein, assembles at midcel...

Vanadia Aggregates on an Ultrathin Aluminum Oxide Film on NiAl(110)

Veronika Brazdova , María Verónica Ganduglia Pirovano, J. Sauer
Journal of Chemical Physics C
We model vanadia species of varying sizes and compositions supported o...

Nanostructured DNA biosensors based on artificial nucleic acid analogs.

Cristina Vaz Dominguez, Susana Campuzano , Víctor Manuel Fernández López, Marcos Pita Martínez
DNA research has constituted one of the strongest fieldsin the last de...

Self-organization of curved living polymers: FtsZ protein filaments

Alfonso Paez , Pablo Mateos Gil, Marisela Vélez Tirado
Soft Matter
We present Monte Carlo simulations for a two-dimensional lattice model...
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