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Zeolite-based materials for novel catalytic applications: Opportunities, perspectives and open problems

J. Cejka , G. Centi , J. Perez-Pariente, W.J. Roth
Catalysis Today
Zeolites and related materials (including a wide range of microporous ...

Zeolite Structure Direction by Simple Bis(methylimidazolium) Cations: The Effect of the Spacer Length on Structure Direction and of the Imidazolium Ring Orientation on the 19F NMR Resonances

Alex Rojas , Luis Gómez-Hortiguela Sáinz, Miguel A. Camblor
Journal of the American Chemical Society
A series of doubly charged structure-directing agents based on two met...

Biocatalytic Enzyme Networks Designed for Binary-Logic Control of Smart Electroactive Nanobiointerfaces

Marcos Pita Martínez, Marina Privman , Evgeny Katz
Topics in Catalysis
Discussed are recent developments in biocomputing, outlining resea...

Advanced Nano-arquitectures for Solar Photocatalysis

Gerardo Colón , Anna Elzbieta Kubacka , Marcos Fernández García
Chemical Reviews

Immobilized lipases from Candida antarctica for producing tyrosyl oleate in solvent-free medium

Óscar Fernández , Rosa María Blanco Martín
Biocatalysis and Biotransformation
Two immobilized lipases from Candida antarctica have been compared for...
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