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Engineering the substrate specificity of a thermophilic penicillin acylase from thermus thermophilus.

Applied and Environmental Microbiology,
A homologue of the Escherichia coli penicillin acylase is encoded in t...

Atomic resolution analysis of porous solids: A detailed study of silver ion-exchanged zeolite A

Isabel Díaz Carretero, Álvaro Mayoral , Thomas Carey , Paul A. Anderson
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials
Currently, aberration corrected scanning transmission electron microsc...

Chiral distributions of dopants in microporous materials: A new concept of chirality

Luis Gómez-Hortiguela Sáinz, Furio Corà , J. Perez-Pariente
Microporous Mesoporous Materials
This work not only pre-dates the recent proposal indicating that ...

Enhanced direct electron transfer between laccase and hierarchical carbon microfibers/carbon nanotubes composite electrodes. Comparison of three enzyme immobilization methods

María Cristina Gutiérrez Sánchez, Wenzhi Jia , Beyl Yvonne , Marcos Pita Martínez, Wolfgang Schuhmann , Antonio López de Lacey, Leonard Stoica
Electrochimica Acta
Three immobilization protocols were investigated with respect to direc...

Influence of H2S on ZrO2-based gasification gas clean-up catalysts: MeOH temperature-programmed reaction study

Søren Birk Rasmussen , Miguel A. Bañares
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental
Addition of H2S in the gasification gas stream has been found to impro...
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