The ICP delivers the scientific capacities and technological achievements of our institute to a wide number of socio-economic sectors at both national and international levels (companies, public organisations etc.) via our Unit of Know-how management (UGC). Our principal objective is to achieve that research carried out at the ICP-CSIC is transformed into a social, economical and cultural wellbeing.
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Servo-positioner for a micro-regulating valve.


The invention relates to a positioning system which is suitable for micrometric regulating valves. The invention comprises a micro-regulating valve which is connected to the shaft of a servomotor by means of a flexible coupler and which is fixed to the same using a support. The aforementioned motor is, in turn, coupled to a potentiometer which transmits the position of the shaft of the motor and, consequently, of the rod of the valve to a control system which compares a signal received from an external control system with the position of the value, the position of said valve being corrected with a movement of the motor. In this way, the invention constitutes a quick and precise positioning system which can operate at high pressures and with very low flow rates.

Method of immobilizing hydrocarbons inside submerged containers or of transporting said hydrocarbon to the surface, using the properties of supercritical fluids at a great depth.


The invention relates to a method of immobilizing a hydrocarbon contained inside a container submerged in the sea floor or of transporting said hydrocarbon to the surface using the pressure gradient between the pressure in the sea floor and the pressure generated at the lower opening of a hydrostatic column in which the fluid used as the supercritical fluid is gasified when same moves to non-extreme pressure conditions.

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