The ICP delivers the scientific capacities and technological achievements of our institute to a wide number of socio-economic sectors at both national and international levels (companies, public organisations etc.) via our Unit of Know-how management (UGC). Our principal objective is to achieve that research carried out at the ICP-CSIC is transformed into a social, economical and cultural wellbeing.
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Reactive polymer membrane for water disinfection and chemical contaminant removal

The ICP and the ICTP (CSIC) have developed a polymer membrane for water treatment that acts as antimicrobial disinfectant, while allows removal of chemical contaminants typically present in industrial water. The hydrodynamic resistance of this membrane allows treating high water fluxes and its UV resistance increases its lifetime. Its biocidal effect has been successfully tested for Escherichia Coli (E. Coli), where after short exposure time the bacteria is totally removed without affecting membrane flux, thus revealing its antifouling effect.
An industrial partner interested in manufacturing this membrane under a license agreement for its application in industrial water treatment plants is sought

Bioelectrochemical device for H2 or O2 production by water splitting

The CSIC has designed a bioelectrochemical device for water splitting using a laccase enzyme developed by the Institution, through protein engineering,   which makes the electrolysis more efficient and economical for hydrogen production. The laccase catalyses the water oxidation at low overpotentials, allowing significant energetic saving, and with high oxygen evolution. Companies interested in developing and using this device for hydrogen production, are sought

Procedimiento de preparación de compuestos metalo-orgánicos


High active ternary catalyst M-Cu-Ce more stable for the Water gas shift (WGS) reaction.

A Spanish public research organisation has developed a solid ternary catalyst with crystalline structure “fluorite type” and with similar activity and higher stability compare to the conventional catalysts based on noble metals in water gas shift reaction “WGS”.
Industrial partners interested in the exploitation of these catalysts are sought.

Method for the characterization and identification of materials with photovoltaic properties.

A Spanish Research Institute in collaboration with a Spanish University has developed a method for determining by mean a photocatalytic reaction, the photovoltaic properties of solid materials capable of acting as light absorbers in photovoltaic devices, which has applications in the energy sector and more specifically in the renewable energy sector.
Partners Interested in a patent license and in the exploitation of the existing know-how are being sought.
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