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ES2245239; EP1775504; EP1775504; US2007241296; WO2006021603
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Servo-positioner for a micro-regulating valve.

Autores:Consuelo Goberna Selma, José Prieto Barranco

The invention relates to a positioning system which is suitable for micrometric regulating valves. The invention comprises a micro-regulating valve which is connected to the shaft of a servomotor by means of a flexible coupler and which is fixed to the same using a support. The aforementioned motor is, in turn, coupled to a potentiometer which transmits the position of the shaft of the motor and, consequently, of the rod of the valve to a control system which compares a signal received from an external control system with the position of the value, the position of said valve being corrected with a movement of the motor. In this way, the invention constitutes a quick and precise positioning system which can operate at high pressures and with very low flow rates.

Palabras clave:pressure control, level control, contro valve, micro-flow
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