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No. SolicitudPCT/ES2005/070079
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ES2245238; EP1757930; US2008063565; WO2006008328
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Automatic reactor for catalytic microactivity studies.

Autores:Consuelo Goberna Selma, José Prieto Barranco

The invention relates to a reaction device which is used to study the behaviour of a catalyst in the presence of reactants. The inventive device comprises: various different mass flow regulators, which are used to supply a known controlled stream of gases, a pump which supplies the system with liquid reactants from a container; a hot box, wherein have been placed a supply current evaporator  and preheater; a valve which can be used to select the process path; a reactor into which the catalyst is introduced inside a furnace ; a system which can be used to separate the liquid and gaseous products by means of cold condensation under pressure and which controls the pressure in the line of output gases; and a system for controlling the level in the decantation operation, said system being automated and computerised.

Palabras clave:Microactivity, Catalytic Test
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