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Fecha5 Jul., 10:30h - 5 Jul., 12:00h de 2013
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Location of enzymes in ordered mesoporous materials using Cs corrected electron microscopy and EELS

SeminaristasIsabel Díaz Carretero
The location of enzymes inside the pores is not easy to be confirmed and commonly a combination of indirect techniques has been used for the characterization of these materials such as N2 adsorption or thermogravimetry. The only direct and the most complete method for the characterization of mesoporous solids is transmission electron microscopy (TEM)1. When the subject of interest are low scattered guest materials, such as C based materials, scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) combined with a high angle annular dark field detector (HAADF) is more suitable as the contrast is related to the atomic number Z2. Our study proves the feasibility of using Cs corrected STEM microscopy simultaneously combined with EELS analysis to image the mesopores of silica structures, SBA-12, PMO and PMA, with ultra-high resolution and to unambiguously determine the presence of enzyme (lipase and laccase) molecules inside de cavities and channels of the material3,4.

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