01-09-2014 Michal Tupec from Institute of Organic Chemistry from Prague joins the group

31-09-2014 Michal Tupec leaves the group.

09-07-2014 Teresa cuenca obtains the maxium qualification in the degree master project in Science Faculty, UAM-Madrid

01-01-2015 JM Palomo signs a contrat with the company ALPASHIP for one year

31-01-2015 Soleil Hernandez from University Simon Bolivar joins to the group.

03-02-2015 Anthony Dunne and Anthony Neville from Dublin Technology Institute join to the group.

07-04-2015 J.M Palomo recieves the Ramon Areces Foundation Award in the "XVII Concurso Nacional de Ayudas a la investigación en Ciencias de la vida y la materia". Reception awards with diplome in Ramon Areces Foundation c/vitruvio 5, Madrid.More info

26-05-2015. New article in ChemCommun published. More info

11-06-2015 Soleil leaves the group

12-06-2015 New article in Adv Synth Catal accepted

25-07-2015 Anthony Dunne and Anthony Neville leave the group

19-08-2015 Article in Adv Synth Catal published.

04-09-2015 Invited talk presentation of J.M Palomo in Isysycat in Evora, Portugal.