- Development of new building blocks in Carbohydrate chemistry


- Synthesis of relevant oligosaccharides



- Synthesis of novel glycopolymers and glycoconjugates



- Synthesis of glycosidases inhibitors


- Synthesis of novel bioadhesives














- Site-specific chemical modification of proteins

peptides, polymers, organometallics, etc...

- Synthesis of new semisynthetic enzymes


- Synthesis of new artificial metalloenzymes


- Site-specific protocols for purification and immobilization of enzymes











- Design and synthesis of new nanobiohybrids

- Biosynthesis of nobel metal ultra-small nanoparticles

- Application of novel biohybrids as nanocatalysts:

organic synthesis, bioremediation, biomedicine, energy, health














- Studies of designed biomolecules in infectious diseases,

eg. Hepatitis C virus


- Role of tyrosinase protein in medicinal chemistry