Born: 1978 at Tenerife, Spain


2001: M. Sc. in Chemical Sciences, Complutense University of Madrid (Spain), Specialist in Foundamental Chemistry.

2006: Ph. D. in Applied Physical Chemistry by the Madrid Autonomic University, Spain.

Research Experience:

2001-06: Catalysis and Petroleum-chemistry Institute, CSIC. Development of the Thesis "Nanoparticles Engineering for the oriented immobilization of biomolecules".

2007-2009: Research Associate and Research Assistant Professor at Clarkson University, Potsdam (NY), USA, in the group of Professor Evgeny Katz.

2010-: Tenure-track Researcher in the Ramón y Cajal Program, at the Catalysis and Petroleum-chemistry Institute, CSIC.

Research Interests:

Biofunctionalized nanomaterials (metallic nanoparticles, magnetic nanoparticles, semiconductive quantum dots, nanorods, nanowires) for bioelectronic and biomedical applications.
Bionanoengineering, functional interfaces composed of biomaterials & nano-objects, supra-molecular hybrid systems with complex molecular/biomolecular architecture;
Bioelectronics & optobioelectronics, switchable & tunable electrobiocatalytic and photobiocatalytic systems;
Bionanotechnology for bioelectronic applications, electrical wiring of enzymes by nano-objects, amplification paths for bioanalytical systems, nanocircuitry generation based on biotemplates & biocatalysis;
Biosensors based on integrated systems with complex molecular architecture, self-powered biosensors, switchable & tunable biosensors;
Amplified DNA-sensors and immunosensors, amplification systems based on bioelectronics and bionanotechnology, DNA-arrays and biorecognition arrays;
Biofuel cells engineering, biofuel cells based on integrated bioelectrocatalytic systems;
Biocomputing based on enzymes and DNA, logical gates and arithmetics based on bioelectronic systems, self-organized & self-responding bioelectronic systems.


Dr. Marcos Pita.

Publications (Índice H = 15, Julio 2010)

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Achieved the “Best Paper Award” by the International Academy, Research, and Industry Association when presented at CENICS 2009 in Sliema, Malta, October 11-16, 2009.

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Article marked by the editor as top contribution

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