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Sustainable solutions to today’s energy production challenges
Impartida por el Dr. Francisco R. García-García
Lecturer in Chemical Reaction Engineering,
University of Edinburgh, UK

My research seeks sustainable solutions to today’s energy production challenges by mimicking biological cell strategies. Biological cells can be seen as enhanced multifunctional reactors specifically designed to solve fundamental chemical engineering issues such as thermodynamic limitations, catalyst deactivation, and product separation. For example, cells can overcome the thermodynamic limitations because the reaction sites are enclosed within the cell membrane, which is permeable to some of the reaction products. Likewise, cyclic vs linear pathways allow a quick and economic solution to chemical problems.

While these approaches are common in cells, they are only sporadically applied technologically in a purposeful manner. The aim of my research group is to design, develop and fabricate multifunctional catalytic reactors inspired by how biological cells work, which allows the integration of multi-processes in a single device. So far the difficulty of combining chemistry, materials science and engineering knowledge in a single unit has prevented the full development of this concept.
Salón Actos ICP
Lunes, 19 de diciembre 2016
12.00 h
Cultura Científica y comunicación (ICP-CSIC)
CCC 2016/022
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