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Benign-by-design methodologies for a more sustainable future: from nanomaterials to heterogeneous (photo)catalysis and biomass conversion

Conferencia de Rafael Luque en el Salón de Actos del ICP el día 21 de julio a las 15:30 h.

The design of benign and environmentally sound methodologies has been the driving force of scientists in recent years. Attractive and innovative protocols that nowadays are even part of industrial ventures including biomass-derived porous carbonaceous materials, designer nanomaterials for (photo)catalytic applications and catalytic strategies for biomass/waste conversion into useful materials, chemicals and fuels have been recently developed in our group in recent years. These topics have extensively covered the preparation and design of (nano)materials and their utilisation in heterogeneously (photo)catalysed processes, flow chemistry as well as in biomass and  waste valorisation practises.
In this lecture, we aim to provide an overview of recent efforts from our group in leading the future of global scientists from chemical engineers to (bio)chemists, environmentalists and materials scientists in benign-by-design methodologies and processes for a more sustainable future chemical industry.
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