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EQS group have created a start-up company

The members Energy and Sustainable Chemistry group have founded Catalytic Solutions IBERCAT S. L. IBERCAT is constituted in July 2011 with the aim of exploiting the scientific and technological expertise accumulated by the group Sustainable Energy and Chemistry of the Institute of Catalysis and Petrochemistry National Research Council over several decades.

Its catalog of products includes:

 - Customized Catalytic Solutions: The experience of the professionals group envolved in IBERCAT allows the manufacture of catalysts for small and medium scale to solve specific customer problems. IBERCAT not limited to sell a catalyst but provides complete catalytic solutions including selection, manufacturing and technical advice in the use of catalysts and in the implementation process.

 - Consulting and R&D Contract sevices: We are able to perform consulting and R&D contracts for catalytic applications related to hydrogen production technology, manufacturing of fuel cells and production of biofuels and high value added chemicals from biomass.

 - Products of fuel cells and electrolysers: Different components of fuel cells and electrolyzers with greater expertise in fuel cell electrocatalysts for polymer (acid and alkaline) and PEM electrolysers.

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